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Our passion is making great tasting food, and we have nailed the unthinkable - gluten free food that tastes delicious.


Actually tastes great

We are excited to make our products available to everyone and provide it to them conveniently fresh at their home.


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Subscriptions are also available for regularly stocking your kitchen with fresh, great tasting, gluten free food.



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“A GLUTEN-FREE biscuit. I haven't had a biscuit in about 20 years. WHAT A TREAT.”

Maribeth S.
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“It's one of the best cakes I've ever had. Moist, not overly sweet, and the fact that it was cold, I really liked. The frosting was a whipped consistency, which I love, so it's pillowy and airy and light and it was all just perfect!”

Charis S.
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“Every single bite was a spoonful of splashing sweetness. The cake was soft and milky, like tres leches should be.”

Sharde A.
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“Gluten free tres leches cake - it was characteristically moist and good and you'd probably never know it was GF.”

Shannon G.
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“Pancakes are delicious! They aren't overly sweet and the flavors... there's something in the batter that gives it some depth and oomph that I haven't found elsewhere.”

Cynthia H.
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“Excellent products! Would highly recommend.”

Andrea H.
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“The cinnful bites and cinnful coffee cake are hands down amazing!!”

Racquel B.
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