Posted on 13 Nov 08:00

Cake Kits: Gluten Free Cake Delivery

Can I have a Gluten Free cake delivered to me?

We used to think this was hard, but now we are pleased to announce that our answer will be through our new Liteful Cake Kits: Gluten Free Cake On Demand.

How Do You Ship A Gluten Free Cake?

Liteful Foods was created to make our delicious gluten free food available across the nation. We want our online shoppers to get our fresh baked goodness shipped right to their house, including cakes.

We have always offered frozen, fully iced, 10-inch round cakes  (pictured on our website). We have done this by baking the cake, icing it, freezing the finished cake, wrapping it in wax paper and putting into a box nestled in ice packs.

Cake Kits: More Fun, More Fresh!

Our new Cake Kits change the game.  Now you can order any of our cakes in any of our sizes as a Cake Kit.  No more defrosting an entirely iced cake.  Cake Kits will now make it easy and fun as we put the decorating in your hands so you can make your cake the way you see fit (and have your cake too!).

With our new cake kits your family will have a blast decorating cakes at home and we can't wait for you to give them a try!

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