Posted on 4 Dec 14:00

Give the gift of gluten free baked goods this holiday season

The holidays have only begun at Liteful Foods

Liteful Foods delivers great gluten free gifts to you

I hope that you had the chance to take advantage of our Black Friday deal.  If not, do not worry, as it is not too late to create an account and subscribe to our mailing list to take advantage of our exclusive holiday countdown.  

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This is the season of giving and we are in the holiday spirit too!  We hope that you will give the gift of our gluten free goodies, or try something new from Liteful Foods this holiday season. Whatever you select and whomever you send it to, they will love it and keep it on their future holiday list.  We are in the gluten free giving spirit and thought we would reward our Liteful customer list.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Each week we will be offering a special one of a kind discount to make your holidays even sweeter.  We want all of our gluten free followers to send our amazing gluten free goodies to their friends and family this holiday season. Each discount will give you a special chance to send that special gift, send a new goodie you think that your gluten free friend will love, or give you a extra special treat to an already amazing order. 

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