Posted on 27 Nov 11:00

Where to buy amazing gluten free baked goods in Dallas

Bringing more gluten free to Dallas than ever. 

Liteful Foods has been providing our delicious gluten free goodies to Company Café now for the past few years.  And we have been working hard to find more ways to get our delicious gluten free baked goods to more people in Dallas. 

Take amazing gluten free home seven days a week, while visiting or living in Dallas.

We installed a new Liteful Foods display freezer at Company Café just a few weeks ago.  We stock it daily with a fresh selection of most of our yummy gluten free products. You can find a wide variety of our breads, biscuits, our new and improved Chocolate Chip Brownies, and our take and bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  You can find our new cake kits available as well – you can find them pre-baked and ready for you to decorate in a variety of flavors. We also have shelf space at Company Café that holds macaroons, granola and our amazing pancake mix.

So now you can get your Liteful Foods gluten free biscuit for brunch, seven days a week, while dining at Company Café, and when you are about to leave you can grab a bag of biscuits from our new Liteful Foods freezer on your way home.

Liteful products on demand at Company Café!

We are so busy here at Liteful Foods with new and exciting initiatives.  We can not wait to unveil them a s they are completed. As we having making big strides in our gluten free baked goods community, we are gaining steam in restaurants, cafes and more in the Dallas and surrounding areas.  We will be keeping you up to date as we roll out this exciting phase of Liteful Foods growth.  Did someone say wholesale opportunities?


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