Posted on 28 May 13:22

Gluten-Free Wholesale Ordering for Restaurants and Businesses in Dallas

Liteful Foods Wholesale Ordering

Liteful Foods: From Online Bakery to Wholesale Bakery

Liteful Foods started with a team of gluten-free baking experts with one goal: create great tasting gluten free food and share it with the world. Now three years later we’re growing again by offering our amazing products to local restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels.

We were super excited to see the reaction of some of Dallas’s trendiest eateries when they tasted our gluten-free goodies. First we reached out to some of our favorite cafes and coffee shops in the Dallas area. We scheduled tastings with their chefs and general managers. And guess what? They loved it!

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Making it Easy to Serve Great Gluten-Free Food at Your Local Business

We here at Liteful Foods understand that being a general manager or executive chef in the food and hospitality business can be a multi-tasking nightmare. In the back of the house you have a million things to maintain, report, and manage (these days that’s if everyone shows up on time or at all). All this work is to serve the customers, who will always be one step ahead of you in the latest flavor profiles, eating trends, and of course: dietary restrictions. In today's technology driven world we don’t see this changing anytime soon.

That’s why Liteful Foods is proud to offer our gluten free products to the wholesale community in Dallas it's surrounding cities. We hope to not only add delicious food to your menu, but also add value to your business with great gluten-free products.

Apply to Be Gluten Free Wholesale Customer

If you are interested in becoming a Liteful Foods wholesale customer or simply scheduling a tasting or our products, click the link below to apply. Just answer a few questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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