Posted on 16 Apr 15:31

Living Liteful: Snacking Tips from an Allergy Conscience Mom

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Living with Food Allergies and Kids with Food Allergies

Hello everyone, my name is Karen! In the latest Living Liteful Blog series we will talk about how to make snacking easier on the go especially... when dealing with food allergies.

Food allergies are something me and my family knows very well. My son and I are allergic to so many things (soy, corn, gluten, and everything in between) and our snacks are very much different from what the rest of my family likes to snack on.

Our favorite allergy friendly eats...

Presten, my youngest little boy, loves organic fruit snacks and nuts such as Marcona almonds from Whole Foods. He's also a fan Simple Mills Sea Salt Crackers, and but his favorite snack or meal is delicious sunflower butter. The occasional treat of home made cotton candy is something we both look forward to, but try to save it for the weekend or a movie snack! Personally, I love to have turkey bacon as a snack. Just toss it in a bag and it’s good to snack on all day. Also, we have recently fell in love with That’s It fruit bars. These little fruit bars contain nothing but, yep, fruit! And they come in numerous flavors which my son adores.

The rest of my family snacks a little differently. For example my teenager's favorite snacks is CHEESE. He can't get enough. But this can be kind of hard on the go depending on how long it needs to stay fresh- but cubed or string cheese is a favorite. But his absolute favorite on the go sweet snack is Liteful Foods Cinnful Bites. The Liteful Foods gluten free Granola is another easy on the go snack. You can enjoy it straight out of the bag or we use it to make delicious energy bites. An extra tip: add a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips for an extra boost of energy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my simple food allergy tips. We love to figure out ways to incorporate Liteful Foods into our snacks and meals! Feel free to share your own recipes with us!

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