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Recipe: Creamy Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce

Gluten Free Alfredo Sauce Recipe Using Liteful Foods All Purpose Flour Mix

Liteful Foods - Alfredo Sauce Recipe


The perfect thick and creamy gluten free alfredo sauce.

We will be the first to admit it: finding and cooking gluten free pasta can be difficult. Finding the right gluten free pasta, making sure you are cooking it correctly, and then on top of that... you have to hope that the pasta actually tastes good! Thankfully we can offer a little help by introducing you to easy creamy gluten free alfredo sauce recipe. 


Prep Time:

4 minutes

Cook Time:

10 minutes

Step 1

In a sauce pan mix the butter and minced garlic on medium-low heat and stir.


Step 2

Add the heavy cream and the Liteful Foods All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix. Whisk vigorously. 


Step 3

Add the milk and grated parmesan and continue to whisk until you have a saucy mixture.

Step 4

Add salt, pepper, and any other Italian seasonings for taste. Add alfredo sauce to your favorite gluten free fettuccine pasta for a delicious gluten free meal.


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