Posted on 18 Dec 09:56

Liteful Foods at the Dallas Gluten-Free & Allergen Free Expo

Once a year, the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo makes its way down south to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The expo is held in one of Dallas’ biggest expo venues: Dallas Market Center. This massive venue boasts 980,000 square feet of show-floor and was originally built in the 1950s. When walking around the venue you can definitely see the history in the building.

Our first year at the expo was in 2016 and we had a gluten-freakin’ blast! We met so many awesome and friendly people. We had a goal of getting our food in the hands of as many expo attendees as we could… and we certainly delivered on that goal. We sampled our pancake mix and we sampled our amazing CinnFul Cakes and everyone LOVED IT.

One year later, we were invited to attend the Dallas GF&AF Expo… and boy were we excited! This time we decided to sample our ever popular gluten-free cakes and a few of our breads. Not only that, we premiered our new packaging, logo, and brand colors. It was incredible to finally show off something that we had worked for months to develop. The reception by the expo attendees was truly wonderful and bright. We saw so many smiling faces and there were so many people that remembered seeing us the previous year!

So if you have the opportunity to visit us at the expo next year, come by and say hello. We’ll be sure to put a slice of delicious cake in your hands.

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