Posted on 16 Oct 10:00

Too Many Doctors, Not Enough Gluten Free Desserts

The evidence is out there.  Eliminating gluten from your diet can not only make you feel better, it can reduce the chances of some serious diseases.


Beyond the resolution of medical issues, our favorite part of delivering gluten free delicious goodies is hearing the stories.  We often tell our personal stories of removing gluten, and many of you have shared how gluten free items have helped to make your life all for the better.  Each story is better than the next, and we love that you love our products not just for being gluten fee, but delicious as well!

Gluten Free Society Testimonials

In addition to Liteful Food customers, we also hear from many guests who visit our gluten-free restaurant in Dallas, Company Café.  And beyond that, we have found another great source for gluten-free, feel good stories from the testimonials on the Gluten Free Society website.

Gluten Free Society Testimonials

The testimonials highlight the personal journeys that patients of Dr. Peter Osborne have taken.  Journeys that include years of talking with numerous doctors and taking all kinds of medicine to rid themselves of their pain or discomfort.  Journeys that end with eliminating gluten and suddenly feeling better.

We are spreading the word that a gluten free diet can make people feel better.  But we are also working hard at erasing the myth that you must give up great tasting food to do so.

If you've had similar pains and need a little happiness - check out our gluten free sweets - You deserve one right now!

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