Posted on 22 Feb 11:55

Welcome to Liteful Foods!

Liteful Foods is “delited” to launch our brand new website and blog. We are living proof that gluten-free food can taste great and avoiding gluten can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we like to share our “Tasty Feel Good” stories that we experience and get our friends to share their great experiences too. These experiences are about where delicious gluten-free food has been discovered (the Tasty part) as well as real examples of people that have gone gluten-free and how it made them feel much better (the Feel Good part).

Tasty – After years of making gluten free food and refining our recipes over and over, we are sharing some of our Tasty gluten free products and recipes through our new Liteful site. We also constantly look for other great gluten free creations and share those as well. We find these other Tasty gluten free items in restaurants that have come up with great entrees, stores that have gluten free products and what we find online as we continuously search for what is out there.

Feel Good – Our own team members have some gluten allergies and intolerances and have realized great benefits from going gluten-free. Improvements we have experienced include no more upset stomachs, more energy, no bloating, and other positive results. We feel so much better and love to share stories about how gluten free diets have done great things for other people that have similar allergies or intolerances. Some of the stories are quite remarkable.

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