Posted on 23 Oct 11:32

Why our Gluten Free is Flavor Full!

Our passion is to dispel the myth that gluten-free food doesn’t taste good. Gluten-free food taste awesome.…when it’s prepared well.

It’s not just the recipe but it can also be how you take care of some gluten-free foods if you don’t eat them right away. We have spent many years developing and refining gluten free products that are super yummy, and we challenge any taste tester to suggest otherwise.

Gluten Free Can Taste Great

Let’s look at some of the reasons why gluten-free foods may have gotten a bad rap:

  • Gluten-Free Food History
    Gluten wasn’t even really acknowledged as an issue in the US until 2003 when Alessio Fasano published his study in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal, which led to many more celiac and gluten related studies (per It makes sense that new gluten-free recipes didn’t at first stand a chance against hundreds of years of proven recipes.

  • Gluten Replacements
    Gluten helps dough rise and has a chewy texture that is being replaced in recipes by foods like rice, tapioca and potato starches in gluten free foods. These foods don’t act the same way as glutenous foods, and the recipes have to be mastered when using replacements.

  • Unnatural Ingredients
    Don’t use unnatural products! That’s what many people have done to try to make good-tasting gluten-free recipes. Our opinion is that only natural foods taste good, and we have absolutely no interest in food that is not natural.

  • Proper Handling
    Some gluten free replacements require that products need to be specially handled. For example, rice absorbs water differently than wheat and can get brittle when refrigerated, but many people don’t know that toasting the product can bring it back to goodness. There are several guidelines to follow when packaging, shipping and handling gluten free food.

Don't Accept Bad Tasting Gluten Free Food

Don’t believe that gluten free food tastes bad. We’ve never heard anyone say this while they are eating products like our mouthwatering cakes or using our all-purpose mix to make fried chicken. Check out our [products] and [recipes] and see for yourself!

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